#Fall-winter 2021/22

Wings of Desire

This collection is full of contrasts

Wings of Desire is one of the most impactful films I’ve ever seen. From a sad, hopeless perspective, it transports you to a world full of hope, illusion, and love. This collection is inspired by these concepts.

Some months ago, I had a miscarriage. This is usually a taboo issue that happens to a lot of women. It shatters us on a physical and mental level (in my case, I had some medical complications). Coping with the feelings of sadness, hopelessness and failure isn’t always easy.

I had to rely on the people and things that make me feel better so I could endure this moment of my life. I spent a long period of convalescence and, even though I was still managing some of my work, I wasn’t at my best

This collection is full of contrasts, textures, wishes fulfilled, teamwork and lots, lots of love.

Marijo Torres

Malahierba Designer

From film to fashion

As always, one of the things that makes me the happiest is watching as many films as I can. So, I drew on my list of classic films that give me strength and happiness. Among them was Wings of Desire, which takes place in Berlin; one of my favorite cities where everything is decadent and resurgent at the same time. That’s how this film speaks to me and how I’ve felt during this period.

Sad, hopeless angels that look after and give love to an ungrateful society and him, the protagonist angel, who realizes that he also needs to feel emotions. So much that he even falls in love.

You may or may not like Wings of Desire, but one thing is certain: it will not leave you indifferent. It will give you strength and affection. And that’s why this collection is the most personal of all the ones I’ve done before, but I could have never done it without all the wonderful people surrounding me who helped me so much with their support, work, and love.

Decadent and resurgent


I wanted this collection to reflect all my processes throughout these past months, from broad textures and quality plush to powerful cloth coats, including the feminine elements that give you charisma and security, the natural prints so that you feel at home, the conceptual, elegant angel wings. The collection is full of wonderful details such as the eco-friendly buttons made of urea and rice, or cotton fiber, with beautiful colors.

All the garments are designed to be feminine, with comfortable textures. Soft, warm, and durable as their strongest quality. All of them mixed with fluent textures that give power and comfort to the feminine figure.

The color palette goes up and down as we want. There are vivid colors, all of them mixed with others, solid and organic. There is contrast, firm but tender, urban but elegant, home and jungle.

This collection is unique to me. It’s wonderful, beautiful, strong, and scarred. Apart from all the people involved in the process, I’d like to dedicate it to every woman who has gone through this fateful situation that none of us could forget.

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In this collection I feel the need to thank those people who have been involved personally and / or professionally, these are just a few, as there are many more

To Susana Vega, for her help, her encouragement, and her ideas.

To my wonderful suppliers, for their help and their infinite patience

To Laia Feliu, for bringing some of my fanciful ideas to fruition.

To Alex Gasol, for his patience and help in making me technologically modern.

To Mariana Carcamo, for being my hands when mine were unable.

To Cristian, Judith, and Jana, for being a part of our family for some months.

To Mercedes, for bringing me homemade croquettes when I was feeling down.

To Davide and Valentino, for being my family and helping me navigate the most difficult storm of our life.

And, of course, to all my clients, online and offline. Without all of you, my dream wouldn’t be possible nor achievable

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