Balance in Feminine

Balance in Feminine

Is, without a doubt, the collection that made me fight the most to keep my balance, both physically and mentally.

Throughout this creation process, I’ve come to realize how I came from a lineage of tough women, strong fighters that leave marks in the lives of every single person who crosses them and luckily, I’ve inherited a bit of these qualities from them. I’ve also realized about the existence of deeper bonds between us than I thought and that, even time is always irrecoverable, love is indestructible.

What I wanted to transmit with all these emotions was strength, happiness and sorority between the women that surround me and that’s why I drew upon one of my other passions, which is architecture, one of my desired but frustrated professions (together with Private Investigator and Art Restorer).


Print otoño invierno 2022 - Malahierba Barcelona

Every time I launch a new collection, there’s a small part of me in it. As time goes on, those tiny parts remind me of different moments in my life and how I relate my collections to them.

Marijo Torres

Malahierba Designer


Something happens to me with plastic artists in that I better connect with all of what comes from femininity. For example, my favorite architects are women.

Lina Bo Bardi, who integrates nature and concrete in a worderful way. Or Norma Merrick, the first black woman who graduated as an architect. There are examples in Spain such as Matilde Ucelay. Saha Haid, artistic architect, who embodies a craziness full of beauty and balance.

Architecture for me is exactly that: balance, integration, functionality, strength, and a teensy bit of craziness. That’s what I wanted to transmit with Balance in feminine and therefore, the reason why there’s fabric chosen exclusively because of its origin, its quality, its touch. Its balance with beauty, ecology, ethics, and functionality.

All my garments are spoiled and full of enriching details, ecofriendly buttons (bone, cellulose, rice, etc.) with natural origins. Cotton biases and ribbons made locally, proximity products, economic balance, ethic production and commerce.

This collection’s original print is vibrant, strong. It carries a message saying, “here I am and I’m not going to leave”. All of this on an ecological rayon. Perfect, soft, and fresh for the summer.

Infinite thanks to Laia Feliu for understanding what I wanted and bringing it to life in such a beautiful way.

The strength of women

Balance in feminine is exactly that. A feminine collection. Strong and balanced. And with its bit of craziness, it represents a type of woman that identifies me so much. I’d love you to feel this way as well.

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I want to dedicate this collection, ‘Balance in Feminine’, to all the women in my family, especially my sister Ana, because I feel sometimes I haven’t told her enough just how much I love her.

To Estefanía, my niece, for being as ‘Torres’ as possible and turning into the woman she is today.

To the family I chose: Davide and Valentino who, in spite of the tough times, are always there for me, loving and taking care of me. I couldn’t do this without you.

To my mother, for being the funniest person I’ve met.

Thanks to all my clients. You are the engine of this business. I appreciate all of you with all my heart, you rock!

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