This 2023 has been one of the toughest years of my life. In a short span, I lost my sister Ana, to cancer, and my mother, to old age, a fall, and heartbreak.

I can’t truly convey the pain, anxiety, sorrow, and grief I’ve endured; it marks the zenith of a phase in my life where I’ve felt more deeply than in all my other years, both for better and for worse.

When I embarked on this collection, I was in the throes of grieving for them. I doubted I could do it. I was exhausted, despondent, and devoid of inspiration… it was incredibly challenging. Until one morning, as I listened to Nick Cave’s Jubilee Street, I thought about what my mother might say to me.

“Mari, you’ll have to pull yourself together, won’t you?” (that’s what she’d say). That’s when I channeled all the positive traits of my mother—her joy, zest for life, generosity, empathy—and those of my sister—her sweetness, mediating nature, her way of caring for me, and I decided that Soundtrack wasn’t a somber collection but a joyful one, a celebration of all the gifts they gave me and the moments we shared, which neither age nor illness can ever steal away.

Music led me to this realization because it has been the driving force accompanying me through both good and bad times.


Print otoño invierno 2022 - Malahierba Barcelona

Soundtrack is a homage to the music I listen to the most because it soothes, inspires, comforts, and uplifts me.

Marijo Torres

Malahierba Designer

I’ll never forget the moments 

I watched the sunrise with my friends, dancing and finding happiness to Journey’s Don’t Stop Believin´ the autumn afternoons at home with a hot Colacao, listening to Feist, and the journey through family loss with Nick Cave. Jubilee Street has been the song that made me cry the most and provided the most solace in my entire life. The surge of positivity I feel when I listen to Florence and the Machine’s I’m King, and the resilience that Patti Smith (Horses), Janis Joplin, or Pj Harvey have always instilled in me… I can’t survive without music, and I don’t believe anyone can. I could write a whole epic like Don Quixote talking about everything I love.

Soundtrack is a collection of contrasts, textures, essentials, fantasies, details, and specialties.

It features a breathtaking horse print made of ecovero viscose (an exquisite fabric), a creation by my friend Laia, to whom I conveyed all my inspiration, textures, shapes, colors, and animals.

Soundtrack embodies my mother’s elegance and modernity, as well as my sister’s comfort and softness.

These garments boast incredible textures, special details in each piece, hidden elements that make them unique, all crafted with.

Soundtrack is a homage to the music I listen 

This fall-winter collection is a vibrant reflection of life, my own, and perhaps a part of yours too.

Colección Otoño - Invierno Soundtrack Malahierba Fashion Barcelona

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ISOUNDTRACK is a collection that I want to dedicate to myself, to my strength and bravery. To being able to survive with my sanity intact and to keep dreaming despite everything. But none of this would have been possible without wonderful people by my side

Susana Vega, Gemma (with her infinite patience), Angie, Mónica, Montse, Raquel, my supplier, Jordi and Carme, Jordi, my cutter, Laia and her video calls to help me and share our sorrows, David and Pera for those wonderful cheeses, José Luis for always saying yes, Jordi because he never leaves on time.

To my lovely customers, to my stores. As I always say, without you, Malahierba wouldn’t be possible.

All my friends who have cared for me and been there—Alberto, Julien, Marga, Laura, Raquel, Yolanda, who gets off a plane to have dinner with me one night, Ra with her flowers… and many more who I can’t fit into this already long text.

And last but not least, the two loves of my life, Davide and Valentino, you are the best life companion one could ask for.

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