Malahierba is a women’s clothing brand designed and manufactured entirely in Barcelona.
Local product. By women for women.

Malahierba was born in 2008, after working in different companies in the sector, I saw clearly what my goal was, I wanted to dress real women with durable and locally made clothes, with ethics and without exploitation.

Since I was little I was clear that I wanted to be a designer, it was not my first choice of studies, I was not sure how to do it, but it was always there. I loved cutting out magazines, doodling and going with my mother to look for fabrics… I designed what she wanted myself and she shaped it for me with her sewing and pattern making knowledge.

Marijo Torres

Malahierba Designer

After working in different sectors of fashion in multinationals and designer brands, I set up Malahierba, as a personal project where I could develop my personal, artistic, creative, work concerns and unite different disciplines.

According to my brand and life philosophy, the designs are manufactured entirely in Barcelona. In addition, at the Malahierba point of sale, I bet on suppliers and local production.


I have always been interested in the way we human beings express ourselves through our attire, what we can project depending on what we wear and what our mood tells us to wear that day.

As a woman there are two concepts that I need to be clear about every day when it comes to getting dressed; one is to be comfortable and the other to feel safe, and why not, to see myself favored.

When I think of my designs I see a strong woman, who is not paralyzed by fear and who comes forward, close heroines who care, work and live in a world that is not soft most of the time, especially with us. That is why a woman needs a wardrobe that makes her feel strong, powerful and comfortable to achieve her goals.

For me it is of vital importance that the clothe accompanies the woman, not the woman to the garment, the magic is in whoever wears it. I work a lot on the pattern making of garments so that they adapt to the female body, giving it freedom and favoring its shapes.

The fabrics, their textures, their drape, their pattern, special buttons, jewels that make up the garments, I am crazy about details, I want to think that my clothes have a soul and find their wife to accompany them on the path they decide.

One of the things that excites me the most is listening to my clients talk about their Malahierba pieces, these incredible women, that’s where I realize why I’m a designer and why I dedicate myself to this.

More than 10 years of fashion


With a consolidated trajectory for more than a decade and the participation of international fairs (Barcelona, Paris). I have a distribution network of more than thirty points of sale multiplied in national and international territory (Japan, Belgium).

In Malahierba‘s own store, you can find the common thread of design and local production of the different brands that it brings together. We are located in the Barcelona neighborhood of Gracia, at 26 Bonavista Street, a very cultural and active neighborhood with an authentic flavor of Barcelona.

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Every time you buy a Malahierba garment, you are promoting local production, work and the ethical values of our brand. Thank you very much for collaborating in a better world.

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