Malahierba is a brand of women’s clothing designed and manufactured entirely in Barcelona

The brand was created in 2008 by Marijo Torres and Jesús Moreno who have been its creative directors for 12 years.

 In 2020 Jesus decided to undertake a new professional path and Marijo took the reins of the company giving it a breath of fresh air, while maintaining the values and identity established by the brand for more than a decade.

Marijo Torres

Malahierba Designer

After working in different sectors of fashion in multinationals and designer brands, I created Malahierba as a personal project where I can develop my personal, artistic, creative concerns and unite different disciplines.

According to my brand and life philosophy, all designs are manufactured entirely in Barcelona. Also, at the point of sale of Malahierba we bet on suppliers and local production.


My work’s inspiration inevitably comes from strong and mysterious women, heroines of classic cinema. An afternoon with friends, the bustle of the city … but always real women who are part of my life and my imagination.

When making my garments I take care of all the details, prints and the study of women’s volumes, its potential, its natural beauty, its comfort, its desire to distinguish … I try to create for these women a flattering and special wardrobe where they feel safe, strong and invincible without sacrificing comfort.

More than 10 years of fashion

With a consolidated trajectory for more than a decade and the participation in international fairs (Barcelona, ​​Paris), Malahierba has a distribution network of more than thirty multi-brand points of sale in national and international territory (Japan, Belgium and Edinburgh).

In Malahierba’s store, you can find the common thread of design and local production of different brands. We are located in Barcelona’s Gracia neighborhood, in Bonavista 26, a very cultural and active neighborhood with an authentic flavor of Barcelona.

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Every time you buy a Malahierba garment, you are promoting local production, work and the ethical values of our brand. Thank you very much for collaborating in a better world.

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